Thursday, May 12, 2005

Free Offers & Samples from Fairy Active Foam Bookmark and Share

All you need is a sponge, a running tap, dirty dishes and one pump of Fairy Active Foam. Fairy Active Foam cuts through grease without soaking. The revolutionary dosing pump releases just the right amount of ready-to-use foam.

To get the full benefit, Fairy Active Foam should be used directly on a sponge. Each bottle of Fairy Active Foam does up to 240 washing-up loads, delivering the Fairy value you expect. Sign up now and get Offers and Free Sample from Fairy Active Foam.

Register for Free Offers & Samples from Fairy Active Foam.

This is not a free sample of fairy active foam, it is simply a Free Prize Draw to win 1 of 100 bottles!
Yes, sorry about that, it is however still worth signing up as once you are on their mailing list you'll get sent lot's of other offers for free samples and discounts.
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