Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dylan Blue Fragrance from Versace Bookmark and Share

The citrus and aquatic freshness bound with warm and woody papyrus creates a striking and powerful scent that exudes masculinity. And yet, Dylan Blue’s undertones of warm saffron is a reminder of man’s inherent tenderness and vulnerability – a tenderness captured by Bruce Weber his Versace film. Weber reveals the secret softness of male martial arts fighters and the intoxicating effect this has on a woman: Gigi Hadid. Click to find out how to request a sample of Dylan Blue Fragrance from Versace.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Alien Perfume from Thierry Mugler Bookmark and Share

Thierry Mugler are giving away a whopping 100,000 FREE 'Alien' Perfume Samples. This distinctive and mysterious scent will oozes femininity and passion, so what are you waiting for? Click to find out how you can get a sample of Alien Perfume from Thierry Mugler.