Monday, May 09, 2005

Free Virgin Mobile Simcards Bookmark and Share

Everybody loves good service, so that's what Virgin Mobile provide. There the only UK operator to have won Best Customer Service four years running. Not to mention a top award for customer satisfaction. For today only you can request up to 4 Free Virgin Mobile Simcards, but hurry this offer ends at Midnight.

Request up to 4 Free Virgin Mobile Simcards.

It's shame that you never get them. Also, these are not free, you have to sign up either for a bank account or other site requiring credit cards and payments.
This offer has expired
The Virgin Mobile Simcards were free, I had some arrive today from the last free promo they did.

(or are you refering to the URFreeSim advert down the side, in which case yes you will need to sign up to there offers to get the Simcards).
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