Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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Become a VIP Angel and you can look forward to receiving the latest editions of Celestial Buzz every month. You'll even be able to access previous issues so you can keep up to speed on the lives and lurves of Mel and her heavenly buddies.

Each month Celestial Buzz will keep you in touch with what’s happening; not only in the heavenly realms but also what's hot and happening in Planet Earth fashion and film. Plus, you can read unrestricted extracts from Mel and Lola’s private diaries (This is totally EXCLUSIVE info and only available to VIPs!). So if you're dying to know if Mel still has a soft spot for Orlando, or does she maybe have a secret new crush, sign up now and you’ll also receive a v. luminous and absolutely FREE Agent Angel t-shirt.

Thanks to Morgan Wilson for spotting this offer.

Free Agent Angel t-shirt.

i think morgan wilson should work for he is the the best freebie hunters ive seen at the mo.
Morgan sure has busy over the past couple of days! I'm very impressed just how many freebies have arrived in my inbox, and by the looks of it there some more for tomorrow!!

Well Done Morgan!! :)
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i registered but have not received a confirmation email.
Nice Work Morgan Keep up the good work girly
Nice one morgan :)
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