Monday, May 23, 2016

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Summer is just around the corner... That means barbecues, picnics in the park and enjoying sunny bike rides during the weekends! Or does it? For millions of people in the UK, the arrival of summer means hay fever season: months of misery, sniffles and watery eyes. Luckily Boots offers you products to help you enjoy spring and summer to the fullest! For those who suffer from hay fever, dust mite or pet allergies, Boots offers a product that helps to prevent the symptoms of hayfever – it starts to work in just 3 minutes, is clinically proven and is drug free! They are looking for 1,500 Insiders who suffer from hay fever and other allergies and would like to try Boots Pharmaceuticals Allergy Barrier Nasal Spray! Interested? Subscribe before 03/06! Click to find out how you could get Boots Pharmaceuticals Allergy Nasal Spray.

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