Friday, December 02, 2011

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Westin Gourmet are looking to recruit many Gourmet Food Testers which cover a diverse range of the British public.

Age doesn’t matter, profession doesn’t matter, foodie experience doesn’t matter all that matters is you are able to give us a true and honest opinion

To ensure there is no bias (giving good reviews to ensure you stay on the testing panel), you can only be a Gourmet Food Tester for 2 consecutive months. However you can reapply in the future!

•If you are successful they will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date
•You will receive 2-5 gourmet products per month
•They will ask you to rate them for taste and for taste versus value
•A review for each product will be required (min 100 words)
•A video review of one of the products will be required (min 30 seconds

Click to find out how to apply to become a Gourmet Food Tester.

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