Saturday, February 25, 2006

Screen Select DVD Rental - 30 Day Free Trial Bookmark and Share is the UK's leading online DVD rental business. For a flat monthly fee of £14.99, ScreenSelect allows subscribers to watch as many DVDs as they want. Subscribers have a revolving library of three DVDs at any one time, which they can exchange as often as they wish. In addition to offering the world's largest DVD selection, offers the latest releases from the day that they come out for DVD rental, which means that someone looking for the latest box office hits is as well catered for as someone looking for a specialist arthouse film.

As standard ScreenSelect offers a 5 DVD Trial Rental (this allows you to rent upto 5 DVD's free or charge) However if you enter the code TDV30 you'll get a 30 day Unlimited Rental allowing you 3 DVD's at home at a time.

Sign up for a 30 Day Free DVD Rental Trail from Screen Select.

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