Monday, July 04, 2005

Yahoo Messenger Free Worldwide PC to PC calling Bookmark and Share

Yahoo! Messenger is one of the fastest growing instant messaging products in the UK. It is a FREE instant messaging service that is quicker than email, a richer experience than a telephone call and a lot less expensive than texting!! With Yahoo! Messenger you can view which of your friends are online, write instant messages to them, send photos and other files and have conversations with them in real-time. You can connect to a webcam, send “Emoticons”, set your own personal image background, and even share a doodle with them as you exchange messages! While you message you can even listen to LAUNCHcast Radio, allowing you to create and share your own online music station.

But Yahoo! have added so much more with this new beta product – it includes these great features:-
So with the new beta you can send text instant messages, send an email, send an SMS, call your friends’ phones or mobiles with the BT Communicator function, or call them for FREE with PC to PC calling – all from the ONE place. This is THE one stop shop to communicate when you can’t be there in person.

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thi is some fansastic freebie,keep up the good work
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