Tuesday, April 12, 2005

KitKash Bonus Codes - Complete List Bookmark and Share

Please note the codes below are for 2005, Free Kitkash 2006 Codes are here.

The KitKa$h Promotion is an online Promotion that allows you to collect unique Codes from Promotional Packs of KitKats. These Codes have a KitKash value when entered into the KitKash website. You can then use your KitKash to Bid for or Buy items and offers. Below is the full updated list of KitKash Bonus Codes, use them to add 2000 Kitkash Points to your account.

RW97H9 HPDDXV - Tesco Bonus Code - 100 KitKash points
YDP3D9 CG6R7F - Recruit a Friend Email Code - 200 KitKash points
7XKR79 9J3PV7 - Manchester United Bonus Code - 100 KitKash points
7F3WJ9 JT7PJV - Sun Bonus code - 100 KitKash points
7YTK49 77XXXV - New Registration Bonus Code - 1000 KitKash points
GDCDT9 GKT37R - Hamper.com Bonus Code - 100 Kitkash points
T6MY69 9WWX6T - Qed Bonus Code - 200 KitKash points
DJYVP9 M9VMJV - Asda Bonus Code - 100 KitKash points
YFFJ39 JHRM9R - Man Utd Bonus Code 2 - 100 KitKash points

Visit http://www.kitkash.co.uk/ to redeam your KitKash points.

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