Friday, November 26, 2004

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What is bullying? Bullying is repeated harassment over a period of time, and is done in a way that makes it difficult for the person being bullied to defend themselves. Remember, bullying can happen outside of a school or college. Whether it's on the street, on the bus or in the workplace, it's still considered bullying.

The BBC are giving away Free Beat Bullying Wristbands, visit OneLife to request yours.

(updated Jan 2005)
Unfortunatly OneLife (The BBC) have run out of Beat Bullying Wristbands, I know a lot of people visit this page looking for the Beat Bulling Wristbands, my only advice to you is to look on eBay.

(updated Mar 2005)
I've noticed quite a few people arriving at this page looking for the Free Beat Bullying Wristbands, sadly we don't have any and neither do the BBC, however if you are being Bullied I suggest you visit The BBC's Beat Bullying Pages.

"We're sorry but there are no more available.

Wearing a band is not the only way you can show support for the Beat Bullying campaign. Every seven seconds someone is bullied in Britain. So just being aware of the extent of the problem is more important."
Is there anywere else that i could get a wristband for free? yours sincerly ?
No, Onelife stopped giving out Free Beat Bullying Wristbands at the end of December.
i really want a free beat bullying wristband but they stopped giving them out is there any other way i could get one?
I think some people are selling them on eBay.
i really want a beat the bully wristband and all my friends do too so why doesn't the people who made these wristbands make more?
I reaaly want one but i can't find them FREE anywhere plz help me find one plz plz plz!
Isn't it a good sign that more and more people want a wrist band. So WHY can't they make some more. I mean i'm not gonna pay for one on ebay, what a rip off!
dont be a bully be a mate
Please if anyone has a wristband please put em back on cos i really want one of each
is there anywhere i can get a wristband from, iv suffered from bullying for the last 7 tears and caused myself serious depression. i want to show that i care about others and for other to know i understand wot they are going through
i really want one but i can not get one for free so i will just need to buy one but they should make some more
if u aint usin ur beat bullying wristband then give it 2 someone who will!!!
i would like one because they are cool
u cud still get dem on sat

i got a british heart foundation 1 but it was £1
u cud still get dem on sat

i got a british heart foundation 1 but it was £1
why start them off if there will be no more you would like to beat bullying? why not make more
onlife have none left wher else can you get them?
is there any where where we can buy it in norfolk because i have been looking evrywhere for 1
if you BULLY why do it just cause you dont like him it dosent mean you should bully him !!!!!!!
i am a legend and i dont have 1, how gay is that. i think they should make more, its for a good cause and they are obvoiusly popular
fo god sake they don't have any - i have 1 - ha ha -you can have it if you want-not!
i will pay any amount for 1-you name it
why don't you get the 'BEAT THE BULLY' one instead
where can i get a wristband
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i can't believe theres none left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used to have one before they were so popular, i didnt want it at the time, so i sold it, now i want it back,so I got 1 of those racism ones for £1.50. There is no point in moping over them.
i can't believe no-body makes the bully bands for free anymore !! its attrocious!! The companies that make them know the big demand they have!!!
The only way to get a bnd is on ebay
I've wanted a band to surport anti-bullying so if the the whole point of it is to stop bullying why shouldn't everyone have one
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